The pleasure of working with Paul Opalach at LONG HILL RECORDING is all about his deep talent and sensitivity to music of all genres, and his countless years of hours behind the board.  When ever I take a song idea to Paul's studio, in just a couple of hours I have a completely fleshed out tune to take home.  He has ideas for whatever style I am trying to go for, and the fact that he can play so many instruments allows us to create a demo of album quality: completely arranged and sounding like I brought a full band into the studio!  Sometimes I feel guilty for not taking the time to make my own demos in Garage Band, but it takes so much less time at Paul's, and I could never create something that sounds even close to his pro level. Therefore, it always makes more sense, and is so much more cost-effective for me to just head over to LONG HILL RECORDING.

   Besides cutting all of my demos at Paul's, I have  recorded two of my CD's there also.  The first, KEY TO LOVE, recorded in 2003, is a tribute to John Mayall and was released by the Shanachie Records Label.  The folks at the label were just thrilled with Paul's work.  Recently I just completed my latest CD, HOLDIN' COURT, at LONG HILL and it has a street date of October 27th, 2009, on the VIZZ TONE LABEL GROUP.  Truly, I have gotten some of my best guitar tones working with Paul.  I am never dissatisfied with anything I do at LONG HILL RECORDING!

             Debbie Davies

Paul Opalach is a stratospherically talented, multi-faceted musician and engineer! (and I speak from personal experience!) He can help any musician/songwriter create a high quality, professionally produced master recording. He is good natured and creates a fun, relaxed work environment which brings out the best in his clients. Just listen to the samples on his website and hear for yourself!

Jayne Olderman

owner: Red Warrior Records

Olderman Music (BMI)

The year was somewhere around 1969 and things in the music business were buzzing. Lots of new groups, new interpretations of old styles, and a lot of good inspiration in general. Playing music, jamming and going to see as many shows as possible was a daily routine. It was during this time that I first heard Paul Opalach play bass, in what was one of the finer groups in the area known as Spoonfeather. Little did I know that he would be the jack of many trades in quite a few of the groups that I had formed, as well as being a major influence in the many writing and recording projects that I would be involved in.

     Over the years Paul Opalach has been a great bass player, writer, producer, recording engineer and friend in the many projects that have come our way, most notably, Blue In The Face.  Paul replaced Muddy Waters alumni bassist Charles Calmese in Blue In The Face after his death and remained in the group for the next ten years. He co-produced both 'Blue In The Face - Pack Your Bag' and 'Blue In The Face - In The Red' as well as the solo projects, 'Paul Gabriel - Fate', 'Paul Gabriel and his Blues Band - Shuffle The Deck' - and 'Paul J. Gabriel - Silent Movie.'   These projects all received excellent reviews noting the performances, as well as the writing and production. All of these projects and countless others have been recorded at Long Hill Recording Studios in Shelton, CT where Paul Opalach is the master of many ceremonies. I look forward to the next session at LHRS to see what magic can be conjured up by the master musician and magician of many instruments, not to mention the recording console. See you there !!!!!!


Paul Gabriel   - Blues Artist  - 2009



I first met Paul Opalach in 1988, and have been recording with him since 1993.

I can honestly say that I have never considered recording my material elsewhere, nor have I ever considered allowing anyone else to play bass on my recordings.Paul is a true professional, a technical wizard, a monstrous musician, and an uncanny engineer. People often ask me where I record, and my answer is always the same, the only place in CT that is worth recording at: Long Hill Recording. 

-Tony Deziel: guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, guitar and bass instructor.

Besides Tony Deziel, appearing alongside Bob on his debut CD "Fast Train To Nowhere" is producer-engineer-musician Paul Opalach. When asked how Bob had recruited Paul for the album Bob simply laughed and revealed, "That was easy, a real no-brainer! Tony wouldn't make the album with anyone else!" "Tony's loyalty is something to marvel at to say the least, but Paul is quite a musician, a marvel. It was an absolute pleasure to work with...

                                        Bob Johnson

I have recorded many songs at Long Hill Studios and also at many other studios as well over a 20 year span of recording. I have been in studios small and large and have recorded for many independant artists as well as  the record label Shanachie Records with producer (Chris "Big Dog" Davis,) As a saxophonist and singer Paul has always gotten a great sound for me.  I have found that regardless of your style of music and budget Paul Opalach at Long Hill Studio  will get your sound right.  Paul is an experiencd pro as engineer, producer and musician. Paul is a humble guy, always a gentleman and most of all  Paul is easy to work with and will get you the results you need, you'll sound like a pro!

If you are making music do it right the first time and go to Long Hill Recording.

Marty Quadrato

Marty Q

  I have been recording with Paul at Long Hill recording for about a year now, and never has that process been easier and more rewarding. Paul has a instinctive way of getting the best out of you. Once I realized his skill level and the vast wealth of knowledge he has, I found myself feeling relaxed and confident that I was in the right hands for any style of music project. I highly recommend coming to Long Hill Recording and I know that when you do, you’ll find it hard to be satisfied anywhere else. Paul has a special talent that any musician who has some brain cells left would be crazy not to take advantage of.      Bill Edwards

I first met Paul personally in 2003 while being involved in a recording project with the Hoodoo Band, although I knew of Paul, and his bass playing, from way back with Spoonfeather, and Blue In The Face. Some musicians you consider your peers, and Paul is that to me as bass players go. That is only one facet of his multi talents. I marveled at his recording techniques, and engineering knowledge. Recording at Long Hill Recording is a schooling experience, and one I treasure. I have since been back to record on a second cd with Fade To Blue, and presently recording a new project with the Walter Lewis Blues Trio. I think one of Paul’s great attributes is that he makes you feel relaxed, and at home. He always has the right insights and ideas when you need them. He has the knack to get the best out of you, and it comes through on the finished result. Quality, professionalism, you name it, they are just some of the drawing cards for why I record at Long Hill Recording.

                                                             David Anastasia

                                                                   bass guitar, blues artist